Radio Quran USA Schedule

The following is the schedule for Radio Quran USA. All times are based on Los Angeles, California, USA:

6:00-7:00am | Regular Quran recitation (Finished weekly)

7:00-8:00am | Morning Litanies: al-Wird al-Latif, Dalail al-Khayrat, Hizb al-Bahr, Hizb of Imam al-Nawawi

10:00-11:00am | Regular Quran recitation

6:00-7:00pm | Regular Quran recitation

10:00-11:00pm | Regular Quran recitation

11:00pm-1:00am | Evening Litanies and Dhikr: al-Wird al-Latif, Dalail al-Khayrat, Hizb al-Bahr, Hizb of Imam al-Nawawi, The Burdah of al-Busiri


All Other Times: Recitations of Mujawwad Quran selections and some other pieces.

*NOTE: Times may go over and push back following ones at times as the current track will finish before moving on to the next group.

Awe, the Experience of Time, and Well-Being

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught us that one of the signs of the end of times is that time will start to move more quickly. Scholars of Islam have interpreted this statement in different ways, but especially for those living in metropolitan areas of the United States, it is easy to understand. Continue reading “Awe, the Experience of Time, and Well-Being”